NEW for Classic Thunderbirds

And All Other Antique Car Radios!

An All Solid State AM/FM STEREO Implant!


Now you can eliminate 99% of the problems with your 40-year-old radio. Instead of repairing your AM radio and adding a FM conversion, we can now REPLACE almost all of your radio's internals with a modern AM/FM stereo receiver. All tubes, vibrator, transformers, transistors, etc. are eliminated from your radio and replaced with a new and state-of-the-art radio. As always, we keep the stock appearance of your radio intact by utilizing the original chrome cover, dial face and knobs. To keep the operation original, we use the stock tuning mechanism, volume control, and power switch and, if so equipped, the signal seek components. Everything else is new.  The AM/FM stereo receiver is guaranteed for one year.


What is so different? Well, besides a totally new radio and stereo, you get high power output that rivals most after-market replacements. You have the option of up to four speaker output with 45 watts per speaker. If you want to keep the original single speaker location, you will have 45 watts of monaural power.



We now can add an option for CD,

Satellite Radio or MP3 player input!

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