Repairs or Restorations?



Here, radios are not simply repaired.  I also replace components that are weak or historically troublesome.  After repairs, I use generally accepted industry standards for alignment or the original factory specifications.  The radios are then lubricated and adjusted to perform properly.


If you have a signal seek radio (Town and Country, Wonerbar, etc.) that option will be restored to work as intended. Special features such as in the 1957 Thunderbird, which was equipped with a speed compensated volume control, will be restored as well.


In 98% of the cases, your post WWII radio will be repaired at a flat rate that includes the cost of most components (such as tubes, etc.). In a few instances a peculiar part, that is not available or being reproduced (power switch, volume control, etc.,) will fail. In those cases I will contact you and advise if I can get a donor radio or a substitute and its cost.


I guarantee my work for ninety days. I can’t guarantee what I did not repair or replace. Its like replacing a light bulb in one room of your house and expecting the lamps in the remaining rooms not to fail.  If I replaced it, I stand behind it.


What don't I do? I don't polish chrome.  I don't paint.  I repair radios if they are tube type.  If it's electronic, I take care of it. 


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Classic Car Radio Doctor