Classic Car Radio Doctor

Original Radios for Sale

I usually have a few radios in stock for sale.  These radios have either been or can be restored or converted to AM/FM.  I do not sell core radios.  These radios may or may not come with knobs but are otherwise complete.  They come with a full warranty (see Miscellaneous/Pricing).


It is not feasible for me to stock many radios due to the numerous models and options available.  I sometimes buy an original radio, depending on my stock and the perceived demand.  If a particular radio has special parts (Tbird, Corvette, signal seeker) I may buy it as a parts radio.  Contact me if you have radios that you think may be of interest.  I usually do not take a radio in trade unless it is of special interest.

The following radios are available, subject to prior sale.  If a picture is available, you will be able to click on the name to view it.  Use the Contact button to inquire about pricing.


1955 Thunderbird   1956 Thunderbird 


1956 Ford T&C       1956 Thunderbird  1956 Lincoln Premier


1956 Ford              1957 Ford T&C     1957 Ford


1957 Ford T&C       1957 Thunderbird   1959 Ford T&C

(Revised 5-25-14)